Electrical Service/Testing

Malfunction or failure of any of the various electrical system components can hinder performance, reduce fuel efficiency, or even cause a car fire. Our ASE Certified Master mechanics can repair and replace your automobiles electrical components.

Auto Electrical Service Testing

Is it your battery, starter or alternator?  That is the question.  Always start by checking your battery first.  It’s the easiest fix and 50% of the time it is the problem.  For all of your auto electrical repair and maintenance requirements, visit Redford Automotive Service Center in Redford, MI 48239. We support your vehicle with care, providing a high level of workmanship you can trust.

Our auto electric repair and maintenance solutions include:


The battery supplies electric energy that induces the automobile, the starter, as well as the lights of an automotive. Should you need to jump-start your vehicle in the first hours, your battery could be failing. When a battery begins deteriorating, it might either be replaced or fixed – this is determined by the severity of the harm. If you are experiencing problems with your auto battery, then contact Redford Automotive Service Center at Redford, MI. We give you battery testing and replacement support so that you may return to the street. Battery replacement, charging, setup, testing, and recycling – we handle it all.


A starter is a device that is used to rotate or crank (hydraulic, electric or pneumatic) that initiates internal combustion engine to commence the engine’s operation. Starters are important elements of your vehicle’s engine and their collapse makes your automobile’s fail. Whenever your automobile’s starter develops difficulties, seek a specialist immediately. At Redford Automotive Service Center, we have specialists who will either repair or replace your starter and ought to get you back on the road.


An alternator is an electric generator that converts mechanical energy to electric energy in the form of alternating energy. Alternators are all important elements of your vehicle’s engine and their failure would translate to an automobile’s failure. Whenever your car’s alternator grows problems, seek expert help. We’ve got specialists who will fix or replace your alternator and get you back to the road.


ASE Certified Master Mechanics at Redford Automotive Service Center will diagnose all of the electronics in your vehicle. For expert diagnostics services on your own car’s electronics, visit Redford Automotive Service Center today.

 Check Engine Light

The Check Engine light could mean a costly problem such as replacing a catalytic converter, or it could be something small, such as replacing spark plugs.  According to CarMD the most likely cause of an illuminated check engine light is a faulty oxygen sensor, which means the amount of oxygen in a vehicles exhaust.  At Redford Automotive Service Center we could pull the code and then diagnose the problem for you. Give us a call at 313.937.2000 or stop by the shop for our expertise.


This computer’s main function is to track and adjust transmission and engine operations. The computer receives input data from other sensors. The computer controls spark plugs, idle speed, and fuel injectors in order to secure you the very best possible vehicle performance. Failure of this computer will greatly affect what exactly it controls. For you to optimize maximum effectiveness from your vehicle’s computer, have it assessed regularly for updates and proper functioning. When it’s already failing, have it repaired or replaced. To have your automobile’s computer managed by specialists, see Redford Automotive Service Center in Redford, IL, 48239  today.

Computer Diagnostic Updates

Redford Automotive Service Center has advanced state of the art equipment to provide computer upgrades to our clients in the Detroit region. The principal motive to upgrade or reflash a computer (which basically implies updating or restarting its applications) is an update is issued by the manufacturer. It’s a really straightforward process, and there could be minor updates that the automobile hasn’t had. The manufacturer may have substituted the transmission-shifting algorithm or several different parameters that aren’t crucial but may bring little improvements to drivability, emissions or mileage. Since automobile manufacturers are coming out with car updates every day, there might be a reprogram available for your automobile. Swing by Redford Automotive Service Center or call us 313.937.2000 to schedule an appointment!


Drivability is the quantity of smoothness and steadiness of your vehicle’s acceleration. Many vehicles are fitted using on-board computers that always check the readings from several sensors. In the event of drivability problems, you will be given a warning message on your vehicle’s dashboard. To have your automobile diagnosed for drivability issues, see Redford Automotive Service Center at Redford, Mi today. At Redford Automotive Service Center, we have the technologies to diagnose and handle your car’s drivability problems.

Engine Controls

Basically, a motor management program is an on-board pc in your vehicle. Like most computers, the engine controls are made up of applications and hardware. Automotive engine management techniques are accountable for controlling exhaust Emissions, and providing increased fuel marketplace. Automobile’s incredibly powerful technology, make sure engine controls are working correctly. To check if your vehicle’s engine controls are functioning correctly, call Redford Automotive Service Center.

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