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Tire Replacement


As tires get old, they lose grip and rot from the inside out, increasing the likelihood of a tire exploding. This can cause loss of Control of your vehicle. To have a better performing vehicle, you need to make sure your tires are in good condition. For all your tire needs, contact Redford Automotive Service Center today.

When You Need A Tire Replacement

  • When Your Tires are worn below 4/32” tread
  • When you see sharp metal poking out (get replacement immediately)
  • When you see uneven wear (you need to fix the cause of the uneven wear then replace your tires)
  • When you see cracks
  • When there’s a bulge on the tire
  • When not using all season tires you should switch to the recommended tires of the current season

Common Causes Of Wear

  • Overloaded– Inflated beyond the manufacturer’s recommended air pressure.
  • Under-inflated– Under-inflated tires have less than the manufacturer recommended air pressure.
  • Old/Worn tires– Tires with less than 4/32” tread

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