Transmission Repair

Most transmission problems can’t be fixed by the average do-it-yourself mechanic and transmission problems generally get worse the longer they are neglected. Taking care of a problem early can save money and significantly reduce the down-time for your vehicle.

Transmission Repair Shop

From automatic to manual transmission repair, Redford Automotive Service Center in Redford, IL 48239 knows just how to repair the issue. Our knowledgeable ASE Certified Master Mechanics will diagnose your problem and assist you in making a determination. 

Our Transmission Services Include:

Automatic Transmissions

Automatic Transmissions do exactly that.  It automatically shifts the car for you.  Automatic Transmissions change between gears to optimize driving, dependent on the driver’s car speed, engine speed, and throttle. Automatic transmissions include four to six gear ratios. Changing gears happen automatically once the vehicle is in Drive and there’s not any requirement for a clutch pedal or equipment. Automatic transmission repair is complex dependent on all of the elements which make it up, and you want to have any automated transmission problems correctly assessed by automobile mechanics. Telephone 313-937-2000 to speak to one of our Master Mechanics at Redford Automotive Service Center.


You will find clutches in both manual and automatic transmission vehicles, and several kinds of clutches. Clutches should help assist your automobile to start and change gears easily. The manual clutch on your car receives a whole lot of wear and tear and may finally give out. (New Manual Clutch drivers). If your clutch starts slipping or is making sounds which are increasing distress, contact Redford Automotive Service Center to determine if clutch replacement is essential.

Transmission – Front Wheel Drive

Front wheel drive transmission means exactly that.  Your vehicle’s power is sent to the two front wheels of the car. Your engine drives the front wheels only. The engine power is routed via the transmission to the final drive where it’s Split and delivered to both front wheels through the drive axles. The engine, Transmission, and additional componets are situated in the front of the car. Give us a call at Redford Automotive Service Center in Redford, IL we are here to help.

Transmission- Four Wheel Drive

Four Wheel Drive transmissions piece of cake!  If you’re driving a 4X4 it’s probably because you live somewhere in Michigan.  If you happen to be near or around Detroit perhaps visiting or live in the area and need your  4×4 transmission fixed.  Don’t hesitate to call.   Four wheel drive means both front and rear axles receive power from the transmission through a transfer case which entails front and rear differentials.

Manual Tranmission

Driving a car with a Manual Transmission requires a bit of coordination.  Here’s a fun fact for you.  In the United States just less than 3.9% of cars sold have a manual clutch. This means if you’re driving a manual transmission you’re awesome.  Did you know that normally, manual transmissions require less maintenance then automatic transmissions.   If you happened to be one of the lucky ones still driving a manual transmission and you may need your manual transmission repaired or replaced.  Let our Master Certified ASE mechanics help you out. 

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